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Friday, December 07, 2007
Blog shift

Hello people,

1. I've decided to leave Blogdrive for good.
1.1 Because Blogdrive sucks balls now,
1.2 Because I need to start anew.

2. My new space is http://oohstickyou.livejournal.com
2.1 Relink me if you actually bother to do so,
2.2 Comments are enabled for everybody, so feel free to bombard me if you want,

3. This blog will not be closed unless Blogdrive decides not to pay its fees.
3.1 Because this blog contains 3 years of my memories.

Thank you.

-----> at 12/7/2007 5:08:20 pm

Friday, July 27, 2007
Hectic Schedule


I had a terrible week and I am joyous that it has ended! If you're wondering why I had stopped blogging for awhile, well, the reason is rather apparent: I had been EXTREMELY busy with studies (especially the four mock examinations and the Physics test which took place earlier this week). I was kindda surprised I did not cry due to stress. The tests, excluding Geography, I took this week were rather difficult. And because these papers were adapted from past years' preliminary exams, some of them included syllabuses that were not yet taught before! This was enough to frustrate me! I mean, how would you feel if you're already on a verge of crying while doing the paper and suddenly you see a question that is extremely stranger to you?! Like for example, Physics mock paper. The setter forgot to remove Radioactive questions worth more than 5 marks from both papers 1 and 2. I was so infuriated I wrote a big capitalised 'HAVE NOT LEARNT' on top of the question and I left two questions totally blank. Now I know why teachers say the Normal Academic [N(A)] students are always at the disadvantage because we are always taught syllabuses that the Express students (a.k.a our O-level rivals) have learnt the year before, and N(A) teachers tend to miss out topics due to insufficient time to complete the whole syllabus! ARGH!

That was one of the two reasons why this week was horrible. Another reason was due to my dampened mood cause by SOME absurd teachers. I don't usually get riled up when I get reproved by teachers even for no reason (except for the angry entries about Ms Siew last year. I admit it was rather rude of me), but this time, it's seriously getting on my nerves. Like everyone else, my tolerance has its limits. Students have minimal power in school. Rebuttal doesn't work because ignorant teachers usually consider them as defiance, so whenever I get reprimanded by my Science teacher (go figure who) for silly reasons, I usually sigh, shake my head and say, "Never mind, never mind," to avoid getting involved in a heated argument. When I complained to other subject teachers, they always mention the same phrase: "No, you don't understand. She is a very devoted and compassionate teacher! She cares for you.. yadda yadda". OH YEAH?? Her attitude in class doesn't show that! When I asked questions in class, I usually get a very frustrated look in return, or else, a reply but in a very annoyed manner. Surprisingly, her attitude towards the weaker classes is totally different/positive. Don't students have the right to ask questions, even if it is something that we have learnt before? I abhor teachers who are so rude, unapproachable and presumptuous. They keep assuming smarter students know EVERYTHING. Let me tell you, WE DON'T. XQ asked her if she could borrow her transparency such that she could photocopy it after school, but she just IGNORED HER! Then, she even scolded XQ for not attending one of the practical lessons when she had valid reasons. Okay, another thing. I attended her Science practical lesson just now, and I was busily shaking the substance in the test tube because I couldn't find the glass stirring rod. Then, that teacher came and hollered, "Don't shake it, STIR it!" and I replied quite politely, "I am GOING to stir it," while reaching for the rod near the sink. So apparently, she took that as a impertinent reply (probably because my lab partners found it amusing??) and said, "Don't make me lose my patience!" Okay, what the heck!?! You have already LOST your patience! Stop pushing all blames to me! Though I look rather geeky, that doesn't mean I am an easy target for bullying, alright?! *shakes fists* Thank goodness we still have nice teachers like Ms Koh and Mrs Chua (Chemistry HOD).

In commemoration of Racial Harmony on 21st July, Hilly organised an Ethnic costume design competition using recycled items. My class chose the Korean theme, so we designed a Hanbok. Although the class wasn't cooperative even when we asked for help (e.g. cutting plastic bags into layers of flower petals), we still managed to win a prize for it. We took almost a week to complete it!

Hanbok designed by Huiyi, Yuchan (bottom and contribution of necessary items) and I (top).
Contributors: Jianming (cloth for bottom), Wenhui (blouse with long sleeves), Yuqi and Yushan (blue and white tops), Junhua (sewing), Ruishan (pins) and classmates for plastic bags.

Judgement Day.
Final mascot: Peiling. Thanks for your bravery!
Past nominated mascots: Mengkian, Angeline and Nadiah (especially!)

First picture shows us right before presenting the Hanbok to the school during assembly. We were at the backstage. Since it was Racial Harmony Day, we dressed up in ethnic costumes.
Make-up credits: Yuchan and Peiling herself.
Photographers: Teachers in-charge, Jianming, some Councillor.

The winning entries include Mexican-Indian/Malay, Japanese, Chinese-Malay and Thai.
Top prize went to the class who designed the Thai costume (as pointed in the picture)

The very important people.
Photographs show: Peiling, Jianming, Yuchan, Ruishan, Xiaoqing, Huiyi, Nadiah, Junhua and I (I covered my fat face. Hideous).
Kudos to 'em!

Unfortunately, we came in fourth (merit) but Ms Tan said we had a close fight with the kimono. We probably lost because we weren't creative enough (many contestants mixed races) and the judges probably didn't believe that the costume was indeed made from recycled materials (lol). But anyway, the Thai costume truly deserved the top prize. Congratulations!

Anyway, my O-level Chinese exams had ended. Hopefully that would be the last time I am going to do Chinese. Results will be out before National Day (9 August). I NEED A B4 OR BETTER!

I shall end here.

-----> at 7/27/2007 5:42:04 pm

Sunday, June 17, 2007
All hail Princess Fiona

Holla! I'm back!

The first part of O-level Chinese is finally over! I had some problems initially. I couldn't really see the clock infront because I was placed at the last seat. The glaring sun was shining directly on my spectacle lens and I had to request to shift my table few centimeters behind. The invigilator (an indian teacher from another school) who helped me seemed to be annoyed, and that affected my mood. Thank God Mr Bala, my math teacher, was present to make sure the examination progressed smoothly.

The papers were rather difficult in my opinion, so I guess I have to kiss my distinctions goodbye. I am expecting a grade B4 or lower because I know I screwed up my Paper 1. I think I wrote many incorrect characters despite having a mandarin dictionary on my desk, so I assume I lost three (the maximum mark to be deducted for incorrect characters per essay) or six marks. I attempted si han (informal letter writing) because gong han (formal letter writing) seemed like it had many pitfalls and also because I had been practising si han during my weekends, but that didn't mean that si han was way easier.

The question was: "Your friend had written you a letter. It mentioned that having good qualifications will enable you to succeed. You're required to reply to his letter and share your views." .

I encountered difficulties while doing the questions. What exactly did the question want? Did it want the process for success, the aftermath of success.. or both? I didn't have the time to think patiently, so I just penned what was on my mind. It was totally impromptu, so I doubt I'm gonna do well. Section two of the paper was doable, but my storyline was quite cliche. Hopefully those written idioms and proverbs which I painstakingly memorised will fetch me more marks. Big Smile

What I've been doing for the past one week.
Be motivated!

I attended Yuchan's birthday party cum class barbecue session on 2 June. Even though many classmates paid for the food, only half of the class went. It was pretty boring at the onset because the barbecue pit was not ready and thus food couldn't be cooked immediately. Everyone took pictures while waiting for the food to be served.

(c) Adelene
Xiaoqing, Adelene and I

The food were all prepared by Yuchan. I didn't know she could actually cook! Hahaha! Xiaoqing was really hungry because there was not much vegetarian food for her. There was this little girl (Yuchan's friend) whom Roy mistakened was my sister. I was totally flattered, because the girl is so intelligent and adorable! She could speak (mandarin) eloquently even though she was like, eight? She was very amiable! I don't mind having her as my sister. Too bad I didn't take any picture of her.

The cake Ruishan and I (and other 8 people who chipped in money) surprised Yuchan with.

With candles. Ruishan, Zhiyong and I had a hard time retaining the fire because of the strong wind.

I know! The girl on the cake looks like some indian girl. The earrings were supposed to be 3-dimensional, made of chocolate rings. The design was inspired by the cake TRL made for Beyonce on her 25th birthday. I thought it was cool, so I decided to do the same one for Yuchan. Of course, it didn't turn out what it was supposed to look like. Never mind, the baker tried his best. Hahaha.. Anyway, the cake was not meant for consuming. Errrm, yeah, it was meant for playing. Hahahaha!! The cream-on-face game started after Adelene and I applied cream on Yuchan's face without her noticing. However, although it was Yuchan's birthday, everyone especially Kimchuan seemed to be attacking Xiaoqing instead! I guess that's the price you have to pay for being clownish in class! LAWL! Tongue Kimchuan apparently applied cream on Xiaoqing's face, then he became ruthless and applied cream on her hair. Xiaoqing took revenge by smashing a slice of cake into his face! Hilarity, I swear!! Witnesses laughed until they almost peed in their pants. HAHAHA!! Almost everyone was victimised except Jasper and Roy. Roy was not involved in the game but heck, Jasper was such a stealthy jerk! He basically attacked people and RAN AWAY! When victims complained, he unabashedly replied, "This is what I call hit and run, okay!" Hahahaha!! It was top fun!!

My class went to Kampung Glam on 5 June for a night walk with Ms Toh. We arrived the place at about 5PM and returned by 9PM. Our tourguide was Ms Margaret and she shared with us many stories about Pontianaks and other malay spirits. The first shop we went sold many different kinds of perfume. I bought a small bottle of Cempaka (a.k.a the smell of Pontianaks) for just a dollar. The shopowner was really kind because he gave me a bottle of headache ointment for free when I asked for the price. It was a sample bottle though, but I really appreciated it. The bottle wasn't for me. It was for my Mom. Smile The next shop we went was, I think, a medical shop. Then, Ms Margaret introduced some ancient Malay weapons to us.

The limejuice sold there is really refreshing! I thought it was some kind of syrup drink but no, it was really made of lime! Each cup of lime juice costs $1.50 (price may vary if you patronise another stall). Expensive? Well, I think it's worthwhile. Money should never be an issue when it comes to good food, so try it if you haven't done so. I wanted to try their pratas but I was running out of time.

A shop for tourists.

A boutique?

The mosque! 

We were told that a mishap happened in Kampung Glam in the past. Because of certain reasons, most shops there had to be closed before night falls. Ms Margaret brought us to the doorstep of a restaurant and told us some frightening stories. Then, we were led to the Malay Heritage Center nearby where chanting could be heard. In there, more stories of Pontianaks (child bearing ghosts, usually evil) were told. Classmates of mine were busily trying to scare the girls by making frightening noises and faces. The last place we went was a mini graveyard where deceased Malay royalties were buried. Before we left the place, we were given a red string each. We were instructed to tie the red string around our pinkies and throw the string underneath a tree near our homes. The string was meant to cast evil spirits away and/or to prevent evil spirits from following us home, so people who lost the red string are likely.. to.. be.. haunted.. by.. Pontianaks...

In the bus.

Majority of my classmates didn't enjoy the trip. Some thought it was a rip-off probably because they didn't see any spirits. Like, what the frank? You'll suffer if you see any, innit?!? Some thought the trip was pointless. Argh, whatever floats their boats. I loved the trip! I had learnt so much from Ms Margaret. To be honest, I never knew Kampung Glam had such interesting (no offence) past and shops. When I reached home, I blabbered everything I know about Kampung Glam to my Mom. One day, I'm gonna bring my family there. Haha! Out of all the ethnic districts (Chinatown, Little India and Kampung Glam), I think I enjoy the Kampung Glam trip most. Smile

Have you seen MTV Movie Awards this year? Paris Hilton totally got pwned by the host Sarah Silverman when she commented some rather sensitive remarks pertaining to her jail sentence. She said, "The judge says it's gonna be a no-frills thing, and that is ridiculous. I heard to make her feel like, more comfortable in prison, the guards are gonna paint the bars to look like penises. I think it's wrong too. I just worry she's gonna break her teeth on those things.." Hahahaha!! I am not gonna sympathise with Paris because she obviously deserved such treatment. She had been so rude to many artistes, including Jessica Simpson whom she repeatedly called her 'fat'. Then, she labelled Lindsay Lohan a 'firecrotch'. If Sarah Silverman was uncouth, Paris Hilton is definitely ten times worse. Wow man, Silverman's comments is gonna be the quote of the year! I can't believe she dared to utter such comment when Paris Hilton was sitting in the audience. When Silverman spoke, the audience was cheering away. (This is already a common sight. When I was watching TRL, the small group of audience in the studio also cheered when the news reported about Paris' jail sentence.) She obviously looked pissed and embarrassed in the show, and when she was at the backstage, she was heard saying, "She's a f**king bitch. I hate her!" Hahahahaha!!

Also, do you know Britney Spears is gonna release an album this year? She wants her fans to name her upcoming album. Britney had chosen some possible names, and she wants her fans to vote for their favourite ones:

1. Omg is Like Lindsay Lohan Like Okay Like
2. What if the Joke is on You
3. Down Boy
4. Integrity
5. Dignity

The joke of the year! There was one comment which really made me laugh:

"I think we should make up some of our own. I'm not feeling particuarly creative but hey, its a start.
1. Hole-y fishnets is the closest I get to spirituality anymore
2. My vagina looks like something SPF made with gray play dough
3. Brain Slugs would Starve if I had one on my Head
4. I Heart Gillette
5. Please Leave Me Alone No Wait Come Back"
-By Bogdana


My puppies had finally opened their eyes! I think the male puppy resembles Puss (in Boots) with his large hazel eyes! He is drop-dead gorgeous!! He loves to sleep in the food bowl. Hahahah! The other female puppies are very playful.

Your typical friendster picture.. featuring the oldest and the youngest puppies.

The youngest puppy (female).

The oldest puppy (female) being extremely blur.

He's the boy I was talkin' about!
Look at his eyes! OMIGOD!!!

Little boy being mischievous.

Taken when the second oldest puppy was yawning.

The youngest puppy is name Lovey by her new owner. Her owner bought a princess outfit for Angel (the mother of the puppies). The outfit was supposed to be a doll clothing but because Angel is skinny, it fits her perfectly. Angel looked so beautiful wearing it! Absolutely glamourous!!

It comes with a tiara! Hahaha!!

And I kindda styled her fur..

She has always been proud..

Okay, I guess I have to stop here. I may not be updating my blog for the next few months (starting 7 July I just realized my contract would only expire in mid August, so I think I will still be online..) because I'll be terminating my internet. I'm gonna concentrate fully on my studies. No more MSN Messenger, no more blog-hopping. Yes, it's going to be a living hell for me, but for the sake of getting good grades, I'm gonna sacrifice these. Internet will be, hopefully, resumed after 13th November. Wish me luck!

P/S1: I was second in class for mid-year ahd obtained a B3 for English Language. Sorry, was feeling lazy, so didn't bother to upload a picture of my result slip.
P/S2: I created a True Friend Test. Click here to do it. It is very easy. Really.
P/S3: WATCH SHREK 3! It's highly entertaining! Wahahahaha!!

Hasta la vista!

-----> at 6/17/2007 11:58:37 pm

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